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Call For Papers

Graduate Student Conference
"The Transatlantic Relationship:
Seeking a Common Denominator for Sustaining Global Stability and World Peace.”
Co-sponsored by the Ashburn Institute and the TransResearch Consortium founded byClaremont Graduate University, Portland State University, and La Sierra University.
Conference dates: July 29-August 1, 2018
Venue: La Playa Hotel, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
Proposal deadline: May 1, 2018
The Ashburn Institute, an independent NGO committed to the promotion of democracy and international peace and TransResearch Consortium, founded and supported by Claremont Graduate University, Portland State University and La Sierra University, will convene a graduate student conference on the topic of "The Transatlantic Relationship:Seeking a Common Denominator for Sustaining Global Stability and World Peace.”
After years of American unilateral actions by the Bush Administration and subsequent emphasis on negotiation and collaboration by the Obama Administration,the US has turned to the “America First” principle. The new USadministration has made an effort to focus on domestic economic stability and undermine multilateral economic and security arrangements. The US withdrew from the Paris Agreement on climate change, the Transpacific Trade Agreement, and challenged the integrity of NATO. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Brexit referendum has threatened to undermine European integration. The nationalist turn in the US and the UK has created a major challenge to the transatlantic alliance. Meanwhile, Russia has shown its readiness to reclaim the lost sphere of influence and China has evolved into a global economic and political power.
These challenges pose important questions about the future of transatlantic relationship. The graduate student conference will focus on challenges to international security and peace and prospects for cooperation between the US and the EU. We call for papers from graduate students from relevant fields who are interested in addressing the following questions:
·         What are the consequences of American inward-looking foreign policy?
·         Is the EU equipped to deal with domestic and international challenges?
·         How should transatlantic partners respond to the challenge of the international order by Russia?
·         Is Germany emerging as the new leader of the free world?
·         How should the US and the EU respond to the rise of China?
·         Are autocracies winning the competition of ideas against liberal democracies?
·         How have recent presidential and parliamentary elections on both sides of the Atlantic affected the transatlantic partnership and what is the future of this partnership?
The program committee will select approximately 20 papers for inclusion in the conference; about half of the participants will come from the US.  The Ashburn Institute will cover the cost of travel (including international travel) and lodging for all graduate students whose papers are accepted by the Conference Committee.
The conference will consist of two full days of panel sessions on Monday, July 30th and Tuesday, July 31st, and will conclude with a keynote address.  Participants should plan to arrive on Sunday, July 29th, and depart on Wednesday, August 1, 2018.
How to Apply
Graduate students from all relevant fields are invited to submit a paper proposal along with a cover letter providing the details of their program of study. Paper proposals in MS Word or PDF format should be between 400-500 words. Proposals need to outline the nature of research and explain how the topic of research relates to international security and peace.
Please register online and submit your proposal along with your cover letter via email to Dr. Max Kovalov ( by May 1, 2018. International students are encouraged to apply earlier to expedite the visa application process.
The conference committee will reach a decision by May 15, 2018.  All participants will be expected to provide complete papers (7,000-8,000 words) electronically by June 15, 2018. The strongest papers will be selected for inclusion in an edited conference volume.

About Ashburn Institute
The Ashburn Institute is an independent research and knowledge management institute committed to the study of democracy, international peace, and transatlantic integration. Its history dates back to 1940, when Clarence K. Streit founded a non-profit organization, then called Federal Union, Inc. The inability of international institutions to avoid the World War II urged Streit to publish his book Union Now advocating for the unity of democratic nations that would help prevent military conflicts.

About TransResearch Consortium
Founded by Claremont Graduate University, Portland State University and La Sierra University, TransResearch Consortium is designed as an incubator for emerging new ideas, research, and policy to positively shape the dynamic relationships among emerging regional leaders. The Consortium is designed to help businesses and government officials manage the impending shifts in global influence caused by changing demographics and tectonic plate shifts in power.
The Conference Committee
Robert Frantz, Ph.D. (Chairman of the Board, Ashburn Institute)
Nejat Dogan, Ph.D. (Anadolu University; Board Member, Ashburn Institute)
Max Kovalov, Ph.D. (College of Charleston; Board Member, Ashburn Institute)