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Welcome to Ashburn Institute

With a rich history dating back to 1939 and the publishing of Clarence Streit's book "Union Now", our organization continues to flourish as a source of academic exploration of those issues that tend to either harmonize or destabilize the global community.

We call on world scholars to come together to help bring clarification and solutions to issues that disrupt peace. Further, we help ensure that this information becomes available to young graduate students who are sponsored by our Frank Fund scholarship program so they can include contemporary thinking into their own research projects and in turn help to contribute to the body of knowledge that supports political leaders around the world in their responsibility for critical decision making.

The work of our scholars and students is carefully captured and edited for publishing (with due credit) so that it becomes an archived body of knowledge, assessible for future reference.

World Events

Noble Peace Prize was just awarded to the E.U.

"The Nobel Committee has just honored the European Union by awarding it the Nobel Peace Price. This honor goes to a unique, historically unprecedented political entity. Indeed, never have nations and their people been so peacefully united. For centuries, Europe was devastated by bloody conflicts. Traumatized by the two World Wars and the tragedy of the Holocaust, the Union’s...